Thinking of buying a starter home? You might want to look no further than right here in West Chester, PA.

There’s a ton of reasons for buying a home. My favorite the equity you can build-up (which is even faster if you get a 15-year loan). Even in a stagnant market, you can build equity just by paying down your principle. And if you’re concerned about losing equity in the next crash? Well, that’s when you would want to take notice of rental rates in your area. You don’t always make money when renting out your house, but for the risk adverse, its good to keep in mind if you have to move but cannot afford to sell right now.

but why West Chester? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Highly desirable area. Anchored by the borough, West Chester didn’t get hit as hard as surrounding areas in the crash of ’08, mostly because of its historical qualities and unique town-like qualities, there’s really something for everyone here.
  2. Highly desirable school district. Homes in the West Chester Area School District have traditionally shown to have good resale value.
  3. Good rental value. It’s a great place to settle down, but because of the University, Grad school, and vibrant night life, it’s also a very transient town. It’s very popular to stay a year, 5 years, 15 years, or more in the area.
  4. Location. Being the county seat, West Chester is very centrally located (and although if you want a train, I’d recommend Downingtown) Its less than an hour away from Kennett Square, Deleware County, The Main Line, Pottstown and rt 422 corridor, Lancaster, and Philadelphia.
  5. Job Prospects. Major employers are right nearby such as QVC, Vanguard, SAP, Siemens, West Chester University, and more. Residents of West Chester work all throughout the Deleware Valley and commute times are very favorable.

These are just some reasons, and your’s might not be on here. But if you have any questions feel free to contact us below. Schedule a time to talk and I’ll be willing to personally help you out. Below is a list of potential West Chester starter homes.

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